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When Things Don’t Work Out

That is the worse feeling in the world. To desire to do something or achieve something but nothing you do works like you plan. Its late, people don’t corporate; things happen that you couldn’t plan for etc. It sometimes leaves you feeling defeated and empty all while wondering, “Hey God where are you?”

Most times, its one major issue that you must identify and adjust to.

You are close to something that you need to keep pushing for. Sometimes when the enemy sees us “close” to where God wants us to be, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Things go wrong and attacks seem to come from every angle. To the person who is not spiritually rooted, this can be disastrous. It can leave you feeling like you shouldn’t be doing what you are doing; however, this is not the case! When this happens, you must be able to acknowledge it’s no one but the enemy—continue pushing forward and don’t allow him to deter your path!

The enemy wants you to “second guess” yourself. This is another word for doubt—doubt is nothing more than a planted seed that will grow into a tree of failure. When God has breathed on something, it’s no question about whether or not he is in it. When God is in something, everyone knows it because it will always bring forth fruit (beware of those who say, “God told me to do this.” And when they do it there is no fruit!)

When you are working in or with something that is bringing forth fruit, it’s God’s way of letting you know, “Hey my child, you are in the sweet spot!” The “sweet spot” is the place where you are right where you need to be! You would think the “sweet spot” is comfortable and lovely but sometimes it can be a battlefield. It’s a battlefield because when you get there, Satan knows you are a major threat!

When you hit the “sweet spot” that’s when haters, temptations and spiritual attacks will be unleashed upon you and your life. People who live comfy lives without any adversities are people who are of no threat to the enemy. Sometimes wicked people seem to have comfortable lives because their life is not in adversity with Satan’s work.

You and I are the enemy’s worse nightmare! We are armed with the Holy Spirit and his power, and he has no control over that! When things don’t work out but you know you are in your “Sweet Spot” just know you are untouchable. Satan can annoy you and attempt to distract you but he can’t place his hands on you. When stuff doesn’t work out, just keep pushing and know God is with you!!

Be blessed family; have a wonderful day! JLW

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