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Choices and Consequences

Every choice you have ever made in your life, good or bad, was a choice that led to some outcome or consequence. At times your choices have led you to good places or positive manifestations while others have led you to sleepless nights, temporary bouts of depression or feelings of discomfort. That’s life and it’s just how it is; however, as you progress in your life you must learn how to make better decisions!

What’s the key to making a good decision? I will tell you—heed my words and you will NEVER make a bad decision!

1.) Before you do anything, always pray about it! Don’t allow your prayers to be words that ask God for a certain outcome. When you ask God for a certain outcome you connect your thanksgiving to your request instead of realizing when your prayers are not answered it can be an awesome blessing! Ask God to lead you to the point of making the right decision.

2.) Before you decide on anything always think of the worse possible outcome—if you are willing to accept the worse possible outcome of that decision, do it! If not then keep it moving!

3.) As you deliberate on making decisions, realize you can’t share where you are in life with EVERYONE! Sometimes people who have jealousies for you will not tell you things to empower you to make good decisions. Sometimes people will persuade you to not do something in fear that your successes will create separation between you and them. Sometimes people tell you things in hopes that your decision will keep you exactly where you are!

God should be your best friend! God should be the person that leads you on all decisions! God wants what’s best for you—stick with him and you will never go wrong!!

Have a great day guys!! Something awesome is going to happen to you today—be patient and when it comes remember I told you so! - JLW

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