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One of the worse feelings in the world are the feelings of under-appreciation. It makes you feel lonely, worthless, doubtful and lost. We become envious of the famous—to see their names in the lights, and we hear the cheers from the crowd. We often desire that for ourselves because we all want to be appreciated.

Sometimes under-appreciation is not the fault of others but it’s ours! It’s our fault because we continue to give ourselves to those who do not appreciate who and what we are. We have no standards, we put up with anything, we let people treat us like dirt while still coming back for more!

Just because people do not show you that you are valuable doesn’t mean you aren’t! Just because you aren’t treated like a king doesn’t mean you aren’t! Just because you aren’t treated like a queen doesn’t mean you aren’t!

There was once a time in the history of the world whereby gold was worthless. It wasn’t until a person who had the desire to find it, study it, research it, clean it and present it to the world what its true worth was. Once that was done it’s been considered “precious” ever since!

You aren’t treated like a ”precious” person because people don’t see your true value and worth. They don’t see it because you don’t make them see it. You hide it and keep your greatness deep down on the inside. You allow circumstances and financial situations to dictate the caliber of people you interact with. People don’t show you your true value because they don’t know what they are dealing with.

Demand to be appreciated! Demand to be adored! Its not that you are looking for worship—that should only be reserved for God; however, I do come from God which means I am somebody! All the losers, lames, players (men and women), scandalous, leaches who don’t express your value—disconnect yourself from them and expose yourself to those who will. Don’t wait till January 1st for this one—start your quest for authentic appreciation today! Have a wonderful day guys! - JLW

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